The APSCOM Conference

7-9 November 2022
Hybrid Conference (Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and Online)

The challenges and opportunities of the power industry are changing rapidly in recent years by the transformational technological advancement of different sectors such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things and Green energy.

IET Hong Kong as always are taking an active role in leading the industry in confronting these challenges. Since the event's inception in 1990, APSCOM has been the flagship event of IET Hong Kong and serves as a forum for professionals and specialists to share ideas, innovations and experiences on promoting the high performance & resilience power grid.

The 12th IET International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management (APSCOM) will be held on 7-9 November at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Mark your diary for this exciting event!

The APSCOM Conference 2022 Best Student Paper Awards

Paper IDPaper TitlePrize Awardee
1Design of a Four-Coil Wireless Power Transfer System With Load-Independent Constant Voltage OutputKaiyuan Wang
17Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy by Reinforcement LearningChao Huang
19An improved multi-vector predictive torque control of DFIG using geometrical modulationYip Mun Cheng
29Optimization of Carbon Emission Flow Induced by Transmission Loss for Modern Power System OperationZixuan Zhu
48Transient Reactive Power Output Capability Promoting Strategy of MMC-STATCOM Based on Variable DC VoltageTong Wu
49Impact of Electric Vehicles on a Low-Voltage Grid: Probabilistic AnalysisMatthias Hungbo
60A hierarchical event-driven emergency control method utilizing battery energy storage systemNan Gu
67Distributed Feedback Optimization in Fully Inverter Based Islanded Microgrids for Accurate Reactive Power Sharing and Fast Response in P − f DroopY. Cheng
87Transformer online monitoring and intelligent diagnosis system designWenfu Hu
89An Improved Reconfiguration Technique of Solar PV Arrays using Sliding Puzzle PatternJanani C
96A Novel Peer-to-Peer Electricity Market Mechanism with the Participation of Electricity RetailersZe Hu
98Application of new techniques in solar energy management systemSongjie Zhang
100Towards Congestion Management in Distribution Networks: a Dutch Case Study on Increasing Heat Pump Hosting CapacitySen Zhan
104A comprehensive review of data centre integrated with renewable energyZhan Li

The APSCOM Conference 2022

High-quality Conference Paper to be recommended for Special Issue of IET Smart Grid

Paper IDPaper TitleAuthors
2A Novel Predicting Model of the Electric Vehicle Battery Considering the State of HealthYuan Mao, Junting Bao, Kaiyuan Wang, Youbing Zhang and Yang Zhang
8Optimization on pollutants emission control with developing machine learning algorithms for advanced statistical performance monitoringKa Nok Cheuk
20Damping Contribution Analysis to Examine Subsynchronous Control Interactions Induced by Converter-interfaced Generators in Power SystemsJiangfeng Zhang and Siqi Bu
22Comparison Analysis of Deep-learning Based Hybrid Forecasting Models for Short-Term Wind Power PredictionJonathan Xian Sheng Wong, Ruoheng Wang and Siqi Bu
26Model Predictive Direct Torque Control of a Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter Induction Motor Driving SystemJialong Qu and Kerui Li
27Evaluation method of fault severity of energy storage spring of circuit breaker based on multivariate linear functionYabing Yan, Xiaozhong Wu, Xiaorui Zhang, Xing Gan and Fan Ouyang
30Holistic Approach for Asset Management of Medium Voltage Switchgear in HK ElectricKa Wing Yan and Hong Ming Law
31Adoption of Electric Vehicles and Impact on Net Emission ReductionShahneela Zohaib and Lasantha Meegahapola
41Research on Fingerprint Identification of Network Assets Based on CNN-GRU Neural Network ModelJingxin Zhang, Chao Xu, Zhi Cao, Mingyu Yang and Zhiru Zhang
47Data-driven based Coordinated Smart Inverter Control for Distributed Energy ResourcesWei Qiu, He Yin, Siqi Bu, Chiyung Chung, Teja V Kuruganti, Ajay P Yadav, Yaosuo Xue, Byungkwon Park, Wenxuan Yao, Yilu Liu and Yuru Wu
51Short-Term power load forecasting Based on wavelet transform and deep deterministic policy gradientRongquan Zhang, Siqi Bu, Li Wang, Gangqiang Li, Yuxia Zheng, Lingling Luo and Fang Liu
53TSPM-CNN Based Power System Transient Stability Assessment Using a New Data Extraction MethodJiaqi Zhou and Siqi Bu
55Damping Torque Analysis for Mechanical Oscillation of PMSG based Wind Generation SystemXianyu Zhou and Siqi Bu
57Cyber-Physical Contingency and Vulnerability Assessment Using Double Power Flow MethodDongmeng Qiu, Rui Zhang, Zhuoran Zhou, Al Hussein Dabashi and Xin Zhang
59Protecting privacy in microgrids using federated learning and deep reinforcement learningWenzhi Chen, Hongjian Sun, Jing Jiang, Minglei You and William Piper
63Optimal planning of mobile energy storage in active distribution networkWenpei Li, Zizheng Wang, Bin Xiang, Hu Xiong, Jiayuan Li and Shiwei Xia
71Modular Multi-Level Converter Grid-Connected Oscillation Suppression Measures Based on Virtual ImpedanceLijuan Fan, Hongxin Li, Zhuo Cheng, Jialong Li, Junliang Liu, Ze Wei and Xiong Du
84A distribution network PV and SOP joint planning method considering evolution driving factorsLinhao Ye, Min Xu, Zuogang Guo, Ke Wang, Jinyong Lei and Zhiyong Yuan
99Aggregation and Optimal Dispatch of Flexible Resources in Multi-energy MicrogridLei Wang, Jian Huang, Jiansheng Hou, Lanxin Shao, Qiaofeng Wu and Yikai Sun

Special Issue in IET Smart Grid

IET Smart Grid is collaborating with the IET Hong Kong Team to publish a special issue of selected extended papers from The 12th IET International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management (APSCOM 2022). Conference papers with high quality will be invited for an extension of the work for consideration in the dedicated IET Smart Grid special issue. Please note that this special issue is also open for unsolicited submissions.

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Call For Papers

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